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Retail: 269,99 $


Grip, Power & Speed

Masturbation like the real thing, a natural experience!

Handy™ has been created and built by Norwegian engineers, who are disciplined and passionate about their work. For the first time in the industry, we offer you a real back and forth motion device, every move will count with great power...and as they say: '' you will come'' and without having to make any movement by yourself!!!!

I've been working in the field since 1979, I’m Sylvain I've seen men masturbators and none of them, I mean none of them, had a real back and forth movement, as well as the strength of the Handy... I'm telling you, it's tireless, it's a foolproof mechanism.

The ejaculation is mixed with a sensation of intense heat and friction and the reason is quite simple: it fits perfectly to any penis size, it's like penetrating into exactly the orifice you need, it fits you instead of you who have to adapt. In addition, many existing masturbators attach themselves to Handy.


Handy's body is made of high-strength plastic, extremely solid, it fits well in the hand, it is not too bulky or too heavy.

It is not a simple novelty or a poor quality toy good for a few months, Handy will last you a long time.

Its mechanism is invulnerable; solid, well thought out with a brushless motor (or otherwise sais, it runs on direct current), basically a brushless motor is stronger, more durable, doesn't heat up, and it is less noisy while allowing higher speeds.

I can't say it's noisy, but I can't say it's totally silent, its noise level is acceptable.



It's a bit confusing at first with its activation buttons, but after a few minutes you get used to it. It plugs into the wall on 110v offering a constant force and finally no need to connect it to your phone or computer for it to work, it is self-sufficient.

On the other hand for more options it also connects to your phone or computer, it has the WIFI option and allows you to vary the pleasures by controlling it remotely and have access to XXX movies that synchronize with it, yes the movements in the movies are imitated in the Handy.

It also has the option with virtual reality glasses. I insist, note that the device works just as well without WIFI, WIFI being an additional option. Please note that your Handy is constantly evolving, as updates are automatically made on the device from time to time when you connect it to WIFI, adding more fun options.

By the way, I didn't find it easy to connect it to the WIFI, once we got there, I must admit that an XXX film transmitting the movements.

It's very easy to clean, you just have to remove the sleeve and rinse it, no more complicated than that. For your peace of mind, it is guaranteed against all mechanical defects for 1 year.

In conclusion, it is the first device with a reciprocating rhythm so close to the real imitates the mouth, the hand, and all kinds of penetrations!

It can do it slowly in 1 movement per second or extremely fast in 10 movements per second, so up to 600 movements per minute, it's performance, believe me.

If you want a masturbator with brutal force, taking you with power and leads to a hot and abundant orgasm, the Handy is for you.


Features and technical description
Dimension: 23cm (10,5'') in length and 7cm (2,75'') in diameter
The length and speed of the masturbatory movement can be adjusted to your taste:

a) The number of masturbatory movements: 1 per second up to 10 per second.

b)The length of the masturbatory movement can be adjusted to your taste: short movement of 3cm (1,18'') or long movement of 11cm (4,33'').

Power supply: It runs on 110v for a constant force.

Sleeve size: one size fits all penis shapes and lengths

Motor: brushless and unstoppable

Synchronization: Mimics gestures in XXX adult movies (exclusive selection)

Maintenance: cleans very easily

WI-FI: intelligent WIFI control

Performance: dual-core processor

Virtual reality: ready for virtual reality (glasses)

Internet Compatibility: controllable via the Internet

Sensors for the stability of the device:
10 different sensors :
4 X magnetic field sensors
2 X heat sensors
2 X infrared sensors
1 X safety detection sensor

When you receive your Handy, here's what's in the box :
• The Handy
• Power supply module
• Cable and electrical transformer
• The sleeve
• Instruction manual in French and English

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