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  • Picture of Colosso English Retractable Banner
  • Picture of Colosso English Retractable Banner
Colosso English Retractable Banner
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Here is the retractable Colosso banner, it is perfect as a marketing support.
Ranging in size from 33 inches wide by 80 inches high, the Colosso retractable banner is ideal for high impact sales in your store. It sells by itself because we have shown a lot of information so that your customers are well informed.

To obtain this Colosso banner FREE OF CHARGE, you need in the same order to buy a minimum of 3 Colosso and add this Colosso banner to your order.

**** ATTENTION ****
- Take note that without the purchase of 3 Colosso on your order, you are not eligible to this display offer. Also note that the other two displays if you ask them will be free. So if you buy 3 Colosso, you also have the 3 displays, but you have to specify it.
- Add this display in your order, it will not automatically be added to your order. It is necessary to add or to specify it at the time of your order.

**** IMPORTANT ****
Limit of 1 free banner by customer or store.

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