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Bond by We-Vibe Display Kit
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Retail: 0,00 $

Display for your We-Vibe Bond, attention it is only the display, the Bond sample is not included. If you want the Bond sample, you have to order separately the Bond sample itself No.SNNST007

Include :

• We-Vibe Display Kit

• Multilingual Counter cards

To obtain this display FREE OF CHARGE, you need in the same order to buy a minimum of 2 products of the same model as the display (no matter the color) and add this display to your order to get it for FREE.

**** ATTENTION ****
- Take note that without the purchase of 2 products of the same model as the display on your order, you are not eligible to this free display offer.
- Without adding the display in your order, it will not automatically be added to your order. It is necessary to add or to specify it at the time of your order.

**** IMPORTANT ****
Limit of 1 free display by customer or store.

The tester is not included in the Display Kit.

To get the Tester, you need to order the item below:


Bond by We-Vibe


****Attention, we reserve the right to limit certain quantities****

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