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Colosso 1 and Colosso 2 now have a Big Brother

Vivilo's Colosso 1 and Colosso 2 showed us a few years ago that it was possible to reach almost the limit of pulsating thrust in the field of erotic objects, and that was true and still is, as they remain among the most powerful on the market... but now comes their big brother Boom Boom Shaker, even more muscular.


Metamorphosed Gyroscopic Movement

Boom Boom Shaker works on the gyroscopic principle, rather than the technology of the Colosso, which uses magnetic transmission. Its interior is like a large gyroscope that has been deliberately modified by a few degrees on its axis. Making thousands of 13,000rpm of revolutions per minute on this powerful, slightly off-center axis, it produces extremely strong jolts and, of course, a powerful erotic sensation. Speeds can be controlled by the device itself or by the wireless remote control.


Boom Boom Shaker Stability and Maximum Pulsation

Boom Boom Shaker is coupled to a spring-loaded base that naturally increases its pulsations, culminating in a super strong suction base that holds it securely in place for maximum stability.

AWARNING: Boom Boom Shaker is not for everyone. Boom Boom Shaker comes with three levels of pulsation, and we at Vivilo sincerely believe that even at its lowest level 1 pulsation, Boom Boom Shaker could be too strong if it's your first vibrator or if you consider yourself a delicate person or highly receptive to sensations. If you still want a strong vibrator, but not extreme, we suggest the Colosso 2.  


*** Unique and different

*** Extreme vibration

*** Non-allergenic

*** Simple to use

*** Despite its strength, it's very light

*** Rechargeable battery

*** Wireless remote control

*** 1 year warranty



Material: ultra-soft silicone, latex-free, phthalate-free & odourless

Weight: 332gr (12on)

Dimension total length: 24cm

Dimension insertable section: 12cm

Dimension width: 2,5cm

Activation: 1 motor

Interface: 3 speeds

Noise level: about 30db (for all intents and purposes inaudible)

Water resistance: splashproof only (do not immerse or put direct under tap)

Power supply: rechargeable Ion battery with USB cable

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