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  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
  • Picture of DOIGT DE FÉE
Availability: In stock
Retail: 159,99 $

New Creation

Vivilo introduces Doigt de Fée, a 3-function device... a totally innovative creation…a touch of magic!

Three functions: rhythm - vibration and a well-placed finger

Doigt de Fée stands out for its finger placed right in the middle of its central axis, a unique design which results in pleasant tapping of the vaginal interior and the G-spot. An extended-wave vibrator has been inserted at the head of the device, for a vigorous, therapeutic vibration, similar to a deep massage!

Doigt de Fée also caresses the clitoris with a combined wave vibration, so it's vigorous yet caressing at the same time. Doigt de Fée's 3 functions can be adjusted independently of each other, with 7 different vibration rhythms, so you're always in control.

New sensations - A touch of magic and Security

If you think you've tried everything in adult products, Doigt de Fée stands out from the crowd. Doigt de Fée is a new experience... and new sensations…and a little magic! Doigt is unique and very different, gentle on the skin, made of pure silicone with no possibility of allergies.

Doigt de Fée is another Vivilo device, which offers you such a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency and price. It is phthalate-free, odorless and rechargeable, so no batteries are needed. Doigt de Fée offers you peace of mind with its 5 year warranty. 


Innovative conception…New sensations!

Unique and Different


Three independent motors

Multi speeds - Multi rhythms

Finger movement with 7 rhythms

Head vibrator with 7 rhythms

Clitoral vibrator with 7 rhythms

Simple to use

Warranty 5 year



Material: ultra-soft silicone - latex-free - phthalate-free - odourless

Weight: 230 grams

Total dimension: 9’’ x 1.25’’ (23cm x 3cm))

Activation: triple motors

Interface of the 3 functions: 7 rhythms

Power supply: rechargeable Ion battery and USB cable included

Waterproof: splash proof

Autonomy: about 2 hours

Charge time: about 2 hours

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