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  • Picture of GEISHA CREAM 15gr
  • Picture of GEISHA CREAM 15gr
  • Picture of GEISHA CREAM 15gr
Retail: 19,99 $

***The Goal...Feminine Orgasm... The proposal, Geisha cream! A well-thought-out combination of natural products: canola oil, beeswax, ylang ylang, ginseng and eucalyptus to stimulate the female organs. The approach: a light application of Geisha cream, then mix it with light touching or more intense action and you'll be transported to your finest moments of bodily pleasure. Geisha cream has enjoyed a good reputation since 1998, making it a reliable product. 15gr container good for dozens of times. Geisha at the same time as Japanese balls, yes a very good idea. G-spot, aroused clitoris, the call of sex, that's the goal...Female Orgasm!

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