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Availability: In stock
Retail: 149,99 $

Vivilo is excited to introduce Marvela. Safe and quiet, Marvela is a beautiful object which is very different and made of pure silicone, very soft for the skin, without any possibility of allergies. It touches you in two different ways; the first way is to massage the vagina with 3 speeds and 6 different rhythms, 9 ways of being touched. Marvela is just like the principle of acupressure, but directly on the G-spot, leading you to an assured erotic and stimulating pleasure. Marvela is like a G-spot therapy and its massaging mechanism is so powerful that it's impossible to block it even with a strong pressure.

Marvela succeeds in satisfying the most demanding people. The second way is to massage the clitoris with stimulating rabbit ears, also with 3 speeds and 6 different rhythms. Two control buttons on the device are simple to use and Marvela is totally submersible 100% waterproof, use it everywhere. IMPORTANT NOTE: To this day, similar devices did not have the ingenious and powerful Marvela mechanism; the principle of acupressure was not supported by a strong mechanism and it left some users on their appetite.

Marvela has this powerful mechanism and is tireless. Another Vivilo device, which offers you a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency and price. Phthalate free, odorless and rechargeable so no need for batteries. Marvela offers you peace of mind with its 1 year warranty.

- Unique and Different
- Non-allergenic
- Two motors
- Multi speeds - Multi rhythms
- Strong acupressure movement
- Clitoral vibration with bunny ears
- Simple to use remote
- Warranty 1 year

ultra-soft silicone - latex-free - phthalate-free - odorless
232 grams
9 '' x 1.5 '' (23cm x 4cm)
double motors
Interface central axel: 
3 speeds and 6 programs total of 9 functions
Interface clitoral vibrator: 
3 speeds and 6 programs total of 9 functions
Noise level: 
about 40db (for all intents and purposes inaudible).
Power supply: 
rechargeable Ion battery and USB magnetic cable
100% submersible
about 3 hours
Charge time: 
about 2 hours

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