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Availability: In stock
Retail: 99,99 $

Vivilo is pleased to introduce PDG. Safe, different and quiet, PDG is a very fun and useful object made of pure silicone, very soft for the skin, without any possibility of allergies. We finally found the way to touch this famous G-Spot without effort. Just put PDG to your middle finger and it will do the job. It is controlled using an external remote, which gives you perfect freedom of movement. PDG has 3 different speeds and 6 amazing rhythms, which makes 9 different ways of feeling discoveries. It is used alone or with a partner and in both cases, it is very effective. Totally submersible 100% waterproof, it can then being used anywhere. The remote and PDG vibrator are both rechargeable, no batteries at all are needed ... PDG is the Point Direct G-Spot! The PDG another Vivilo device without phthalate and odorless, which offers you a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency and price.

- Unique and Different
- Very quiet
- Non-allergenic
- Multi speeds - Multi rhythms
- Simple to use remote
- Totally submersible 100%
- Warranty 1 year

Material: ultra-soft silicone - latex-free - phthalate-free - odorless
Weight: 52 grams
Dimensions: 4,5’’ x 1’’ (11cm x 2,5cm)
Activation: 1 strong motor
Interface: 3 speeds and 6 programs total of 9 functions
Noise level: about 30db (for all intents and purposes inaudible).
Power supply: rechargeable Ion battery and USB magnetic cable for remote and vibrator
Waterproof: 100% submersible
Autonomy: about 3 hours
Charge time: about 2 hours

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