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Retail: 79,99 $

ViViLO once again wanted to create a healthy and pleasant erotic environment for your lovemaking, at any time, for any occasion and for any place... here’s the Splash Massage cover... The Love Zone for clean sexual adventures!

No more messing during your lovemaking, just place the Splash Massage Cover wherever you want and then give yourself a full body massage, and if you feel like it, a Nuru massage, which involves sliding your body over your partner’s body. The Cover Splash Massage provides the perfect playground for couples to have fun together, rolling and lounging in your favourite massage lotion while touching each other all over the place... Splash Massage, a real party for the skin and soul of the couple.

Anywhere, Anytime!
Do you dream of giving yourself massages with your entire body coated in massage oil or gel... yes, of course we all do, but it’s going to dirty your bed, your sofa, your table, your carpet - in short, places we’d rather keep untouched... So here’s the solution: the Splash Massage Cover! Splash Massage offers the opportunity to use your massage lotion, lubricant, NURU massage gel or to let all your body fluids go without restraint. Splash Massage is a totally watertight barrier between you and your environment. Splash Massage covers an area slightly larger than a KING bed: 80’’(204cm) x 88’’(224cm). Once the activity is over, simply wipe off the Splash Massage cover... In short, do what you have to do, the way you want to do it, without splashing, staining or damaging anything around you.

It’s made from .16mm-thick PVC, making it extremely hard-wearing and reusable for years to come. What’s more, it’s lightweight, kind to the skin and perfectly watertight to protect your home. MACHINE WASHABLE: cold water - mild detergent - gentle cycle.

In conclusion
Before you start having fun, spread Splash Massage out where the action is, and no matter where it is, there’ll be no trace of you. Splash Massage is easy to maintain and will last you for years and years.

Ideal for:

• Oil massage

• NURU body-to-body massage

• Protecting your sheets

• Protect your carpets and floors

• Protect your sofas

• Make a splash in your bed

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