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S.D. Variations inc. is a solely Canadian company and all our prices         are in Canadian currency


1- We are not your competitor. We do not sell at retail level, thus we do not compete against you by selling for less to our own customers. We do not have retail stores or websites which sell directly at retail level. We prefer concentrating at serving you well and mostly being honest towards you.

2- Thousands of quality products available.

3- New products coming in every week.

4- A large quantity of exclusive products, which assures you to be different from others.

5- All products are directly available from our warehouse in Laval. No customs, no frontiers to cross over.

6- We have specials all year long to help you being more competitive.

7- Order through our website, e-mail, fax, phone and by appointment at our Laval warehouse.

8- Through our website, you will take advantage of real time inventory system, thus assuring you to know exactly what you will receive before you receive the products.

9- Ultra fast quality shipping vis UPS or Canada Post, directly from our 32,000 square feet warehouse in Laval.

10- Competitive prices in Canadian currency.

11- Doing business with S.D. Variations inc, is easy, fast and safe.

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